Affinity Amp

Affinity Amp helps companies enter the mobile marketplace quickly by providing a platform that aggregates their existing content and deploys it through mobile apps for any device. Affinity Amp engaged Creative Soapbox to help them refine their message and communicate it visually through information design and a new website interface.

  • Creative Soapbox, Boise ID
  • 2012
  • Brand Strategy, Messaging, Illustration, Information Architecture, Interface Design

Description //

Due to their bootstrapped nature, their marketing materials and website were put together haphazardly as needed. Our first step was to review and refine their brand and messaging strategy. Once they had a consistent story and voice, we helped them create a visual language that would communicate the complex and innovative systems they employ. Finally, we polished their advertising and presentation materials and designed a new website to demonstrate their platform and share client success stories.

Initial homepage wireframe
Project Image
Project Image
Platform process landing page
Project Image
Platform management detail page
Project Image
Custom icon set
Project Image
Charts, illustrations and information design samples
Project Image
Print ad placed in a fitness industry trade publication
Project Image
Presentation deck template cover
Project Image
Presentation deck template content page
Project Image

Project Credits

Creative Director
Justin Kuntz
Interaction Designer
Ryan Lascano
Adrian Kien