Cinder Wines

Cinder is an urban winery based in Garden City, Idaho. Winemaker Melanie Krause and her husband Joe Schnerr hand-craft a variety of wines from grapes grown throughout the Snake River Valley AVA.

  • Carew Co, Boise ID
  • 2009-2011
  • Identity Design, Lettering, Label Design

Description //

As a regular client of Carew Co., we worked on a variety of different projects for Cinder. Among them were the creation of a unique series of labels for their limited edition Small Lot Series that brought the story of each wine front and center instead of hidden on the back of the bottle. We also explored a concept for a “little sister label” based on the idea of crafting wine in a way reminiscent of the pre-prohibition era of winemaking. Originally called 1919, this concept later evolved into a label called Laissez Faire and represented a simple but high-quality everyday table wine.

Small Lot Series label
Project Image
Initial Small Lot Series varietal labels
Project Image
1919 sister label concept and variations
Project Image
Laissez Faire sister label design
Project Image
Updated wines page layout
Project Image

Project Credits

Creative Director
Paul Carew
Ryan Lascano