Friesen Gallery

Friesen Gallery is one of Sun Valley's most distinguished contemporary art galleries. Representing artists from around the country who share their passion and integrity, Friesen Gallery has developed a reputation for their significant artist catalog and remarkable exhibitions.

  • Creative Soapbox, Boise ID
  • 2012
  • Information Architecture, Interface Design, Front-end Development

Description //

Friesen Gallery recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as one of Sun Valley’s premier galleries. Along with such a milestone, owner Andrea Friesen, a long time client of Creative Soapbox, approached us to revitalize their website and give it a look to match the gallery’s prestige. We rebuilt the site from the ground up, utilizing the Django framework integrated with ArtLogic gallery management software. The interface design was left clean and simple to allow the work to really shine. Since the gallery repaints and rearranges for each exhibition, we reflected this detail by allowing the client to update interface colors on pages to customize each artist or exhibition page. The site was also built using responsive design techniques, allowing it to adapt to a variety of smaller screen sizes and mobile devices.

Wireframe for the homepage
Project Image
Friesen Gallery homepage. Each exhibit can have a unique color attributed to it. The site was built to adapt to mobile devices (see below).
Project Image
Project Image
Artist detail page, also with a unique color specified. Visitors can view individual pieces, inquire about price and share with a friend.
Project Image
Exhibition detail page
Project Image

Project Credits

Creative Director
Justin Kuntz
Interaction Designer
Ryan Lascano
Front-end Developer
Ryan Lascano, Kelly Packer
Back-end Developer
Kelly Packer