Hawley Troxell

Hawley Troxell is one of Idaho's oldest and largest independent law firms. They hired us to redesign and rebuild a website that would effectively communicate the sophistication and expertise of their practice.

  • Carew Co, Boise ID
  • 2011
  • Information Architecture, Interface Design

Description //

Their existing website was quickly becoming outdated and outgrown. We rebuilt the site on a more flexible platform that would allow them to easily manage and maintain their content. Case studies, client success stories, practice areas and attorneys could now be cross-linked through tags and clearly demonstrate their expertise through multiple channels. While this interface concept was unused, many components and features were incorporated into the final site.

Information architecture and technical plan for building the site using the Wordpress platform
Project Image
Homepage concept
Project Image
Individual practice area detail page showing tagged attorneys and articles
Project Image
Attorney biography page with aggregated practice areas and articles
Project Image

Project Credits

Creative Director
Paul Carew
Interaction Designer
Ryan Lascano