Idaho Digital Learning

Idaho Digital Learning is Idaho's state-sponsored online learning program. Created by state legislature in 2002, Idaho Digital Learning provides comprehensive online courses to thousands of students across the state. We partnered with IDL to rebrand the program and revitalize the website.

  • Carew Co, Boise ID
  • 2009-2010
  • Branding, Information Architecture, Interface Design, User Experience, Front-end Development

Description //

After a period of rapid growth they realized the needed to step back and realign the core brand and bring all their related programs under one umbrella. We developed a dynamic identity system that unified all the subsidiaries with a consistent mark and typeface. We then audited their existing websites and completely reorganized and simplified content within a single online platform.

Primary identity design
Project Image
Subsidiary identities with alternating color palette
Project Image
Website user experience flow chart
Project Image
The ridiculously large sitemap
Project Image
Project Image
Login dialogue box
Project Image
Students landing page. Each section is color coded to a subsidiary program and audience.
Project Image
Professional Development program content page
Project Image
Centralized dashboard for the different online learning tools
Project Image

Project Credits

Creative Director
Paul Carew
Interaction Designer
Ryan Lascano
Leigh Ann Dufurrena, Alyson Outen, Valerie Doherty
Front-end Developer
Ryan Lascano
Back-end Developer
Kevin Powell, Chris Holmes, Lewis Huskey, Jerry Latimer