Idaho Youth Ranch

For more than 50 years the Idaho Youth Ranch has served Idaho's troubled children and their families. Adoption services are just one of the many services and programs they provide. As one of the state's largest non-profit adoption agencies, the Youth Ranch provides help to people on both sides of the adoption process.

  • Carew Co, Boise ID
  • 2009-2010
  • Interface Design, User Experience

Description //

The Youth Ranch needed a separate marketing website dedicated to their adoption program. As the adoption process is considerably emotional, we designed a site that communicated information in a very simple and organized way. Plainspoken prompts set in large type over brightly colored backgrounds provide comfort during an otherwise difficult process.

Homepage with simple prompts that direct to specific areas of the site
Project Image
Large type, bright colors and plain-language prompts gently guide users through an otherwise emotional process
Project Image
Information is simple to find and each page can be easily bookmarked or printed
Project Image
Images of beautiful, smiling people were intentionally omitted to avoid putting off self-conscious visitors
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Frequently asked questions
Project Image
Individual question and answer
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Project Credits

Creative Director
Paul Carew
Interaction Designer
Ryan Lascano
Leigh Ann Dufurrena
Front-end Developer
Ryan Lascano
Back-end Developer
Ryan Lascano