The Modern Hotel

The Modern Hotel is a mid-century modern boutique hotel in Boise's hip Linen District. A renovated and remodeled Travelodge, the Modern is now a cultural destination for musicians, artists and businessmen alike.

  • Carew Co, Boise ID
  • 2011
  • Information Architecture, Design Strategy, Interface Design

Description //

The Modern hired Carew Co. to redesign a site that would better tell their story. When designing the interface I wanted to incorporate the history and elements that make the Modern unique, and tell the story in a highly interactive way throughout the site. While the client loved the idea, they ultimately decided to go in another direction.

Information architecture and technical plan for building the site using the Wordpress platform
Project Image
Sample moodboards used to narrow an appropriately "modern" style
Project Image
Homepage concept with continuous scrolling story pieces (see below)
Project Image
Project Image
Drop-down reservation widget that is available from every page
Project Image
Accommodations page concept with options to experience the rooms through pictures, video or audio
Project Image

Project Credits

Creative Director
Paul Carew
Interaction Design
Ryan Lascano
Dave Yasuda, Jessica Holmes